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A Realistic Approach to Complex Issues

  • Do you have a stepfamily/blended family which causes challenges within your daily life?
  • Are you a couple who is struggling to decide whether to divorce or stay in your marriage?
  • Are you and your ex finding it difficult to effectively co-parent?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these, then you are looking for the specialized attention which Step Together Family Therapy offers. 


Change is Possible!

Sometimes families feel like there is no hope. Especially during those most challenging times which families may confront at some point: 

  • the break up of a marriage
  • dating again...as a parent
  • the birth of a baby within a new stepfamily
  • learning how to be a better stepparent
  • trying to communicate with a difficult ex after divorce

However, moving forward from what seems impossible is possible. This is achieved by providing a neutral and safe therapeutic space, listening to your concerns, and setting goals to move families toward a happier and healthier life.  


The Power is Within You

My personal goal is to help you overcome your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward within the life of your family and on your personal road to self-discovery. My focus is to help individuals and families heal and become aware of their inner strengths. 

I will be here with you along the way, as your family learns to live with, and love one another, in harmony and mutual respect... step-by-step.

Areas of Special Interest

Marital Separation Counseling


It's great to work on your relationship before problems start. But realistically, we know that does not always happen. Therapy can also help couples address the painful realities of considering a possible separation or divorce, as well as those stressful and hostile situations when children are often caught in the middle.



Co-parenting after the break-up of a relationship can be one of the most difficult things a parent will face. But if your child sees constant conflict between his parents, he will ultimately pay the price in the long run. Learn how to effectively communicate with your ex even when hard feelings linger. Your child will thank you!

Parent-Child Reunification Therapy


There are many factors which contribute to the separation of a parent from their child: divorce, abuse, and incarceration, just to name a few. It is never too late to take the necessary steps to repair the fragile relationship between a parent and their child. But it does take work. 

Focused Support for Stepfamilies

"Step"? "Blended"? "Bonus"?

It does not matter what  you call your family, but if you have attempted to combine two families together from previous relationships and those involve children- you know just how difficult a challenge this can be!

Even under the best of circumstances, children can have an especially difficult time acclimating to these big family changes: 

  • the dissolution of their one-time "happy" family
  • the moving out from a home they loved, and a new custody schedule in which they had no choice
  • mom or dad starting to date someone new (whom they generally do not like, at least in the beginning) 
  • the addition of new "siblings" whom they may or may not like, and now with whom may have to share a bedroom

Now, consider these typical scenarios:

  • Your child just does not like your new partner (remember, the term "evil stepmother" gained traction for a reason!) and the two of them are fighting all the time
  • Your ex is not happy about the new custody schedule and your fights end up putting the kids in the middle of this "battle"
  • Your ex is "bad-mouthing" you in front of your children and in frustration, you retaliate, with the children hearing all of it
  • Your children sometimes feel guilty and anxious at school and sport gatherings, when both parents are present, not knowing which parent to "acknowledge first" after the events end, due to what's known as "loyalty conflicts"
  • You and your new partner finally move in together, only to find out you parent on opposite sides of the "parenting playbook"
  • You and your partner are able to parent fairly consistently, but sometimes feel hurt and jealous when your partner "chooses" their child over you

At Step Together Family Therapy, working with Stepfamilies is what we do. We help:

  • address concepts unique to the stepfamily relationship
  • with specific step-parenting strategies 
  •  de-escalate the conflict in the home and bring peace within your family.

Whoever said blending two families was as easy as "The Brady Bunch" must have been crazy!

Whoever said blending two families was as easy as "The Brady Bunch" must have been crazy!

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Lisa Wajert, MA, LMFT

I hold a B.A. in Psychology from Holy Family University and an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from La Salle University. I am Clinical Fellow of AAMFT, member of PAMFT, and a member of the National Stepfamily Resource Center. My husband and I have successfully raised five children in our own stepfamily for the past 15 years. I tend to take a no-nonsense and realistic approach in offering families practical strategies which can help change negative patterns which currently keep them stuck. 


Help is Closer Than You Think

Maybe you think you just don't have the time in your life for weekly therapy. But your family's busy schedule can be easily accommodated with convenient morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend appointments. 


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There are currently two support groups now forming: 

· Step Family Support

· Divorce Parenting Support

Click on the link for more information and call or email if interested!

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Why choose a Marriage and Family Therapist?

Family therapist helping children and parents

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs)

 Are specifically skilled to:

  • diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders within the context of marriage, couple, and family systems. 
  • understand and facilitate change in relationships
  • explore and clarify patterns of communication, interaction and behavior


The "Typical" Family...No longer typical

The "traditional" nuclear family is no longer the typical living arrangement for most children. We respect the unique needs of all family constellations, including: 

  • nuclear
  • single parent
  • same-sex 
  • stepfamily
  • childless 
  • never-married
  • accordion
  • cross-generational